app submitted

November 25, 2010 at 11:14 pm (Uncategorized)

I have the pleasure to announce that yesterday 24th November I submitted my app to Apple for the review. It’s called Ricepad and hopefully it will be available in the App Store for the end of December. It could be a really nice Christmas present!

Ricepad’s artwork is by Riccardo Esposito. He’s a friend of mine and he did a very good job. He’s also the designer of my new website Soon we’ll upload new contents, so stay tuned!


Thanks to beta testers: Rony Besprozvanny, Dave Travers, Damien Deh Noizer and my bro.

Finally, no thanks to “Centro Sociale Rivolta”. I traveled 80 km to get there with a friend, just to leave some flyers for possible future sound designers, during a festival of electronic labels. The guy at the entrance, whose name I don’t know, wouldn’t let me in if I didn’t pay the full ticket. So I gave him the flyers, since he offered himself to help me, but then he threw them away. He also said that Rivolta was not a bar. But I see it’s not a social center either.


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