first video

December 4, 2010 at 12:25 am (Uncategorized)


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app submitted

November 25, 2010 at 11:14 pm (Uncategorized)

I have the pleasure to announce that yesterday 24th November I submitted my app to Apple for the review. It’s called Ricepad and hopefully it will be available in the App Store for the end of December. It could be a really nice Christmas present!

Ricepad’s artwork is by Riccardo Esposito. He’s a friend of mine and he did a very good job. He’s also the designer of my new website Soon we’ll upload new contents, so stay tuned!


Thanks to beta testers: Rony Besprozvanny, Dave Travers, Damien Deh Noizer and my bro.

Finally, no thanks to “Centro Sociale Rivolta”. I traveled 80 km to get there with a friend, just to leave some flyers for possible future sound designers, during a festival of electronic labels. The guy at the entrance, whose name I don’t know, wouldn’t let me in if I didn’t pay the full ticket. So I gave him the flyers, since he offered himself to help me, but then he threw them away. He also said that Rivolta was not a bar. But I see it’s not a social center either.

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looking for beta testers

October 14, 2010 at 12:29 pm (Uncategorized)

Hello musicians!

I’m happy to announce that my app is almost ready! I’m looking for beta testers who have some experience with applications for making music. Your feedbacks can be very valuable and in exchange I will send you a free copy of the upcoming release.

Please send an email to betatestingprogram <at> gmail <dot> com and I will give you the further instructions. The beta testing program will start in some days, as soon as there will be enough testers. Please tell me also what kind of music you play, and what kind of programs you like.

Thank you!

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we only come out at night

September 22, 2010 at 10:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Ok it’s almost time to launch it! Soon the app will be available for beta testing, so if you’re interested in that keep an eye on this blog. However, if you live near Milan you can come to Legnano next Friday and watch a preview of it. I will be playing with my friend Alessandro Fiorin Damiani on the first day of the photographic exposition of our friend Federica Pace.

Translation of an excerpt of the official flyer.

The present as the interpretation of reality, development of the past and exposition to the future.

WE ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT is a photographic narration by portraits of the life of Federica Pace in Milan. Her exposition will be held in Legnano (Milan) on Friday 24th September 2010 at Cafè Nasta (Corso Magenta 110). The puzzle of pictures will be accompanied by fragments of 7” vynils of italian music of the ’60s and ’70s, extracted by venetian houses that have been abandoned and then squatted, and now available to the public of this event. The records will be processed live by Alessandro De Nardi (self-made software for iOS) and Alessandro Fiorin Damiani (JoMoX, Moogerfooger and Restyler).

Official description of the event (in italian).

Il presente come interpretazione della realtà, sviluppo del passato ed esposizione al futuro.

WE ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT è una narrazione fotografica per ritratti della vita milanese di Federica Pace.

Il puzzle di immagini sarà accompagnato da frammenti di Vinili 7″ di musica italiana degli anni ’60/’70, recuperati da case veneziane abbandonate e rioccupate, messi a disposizione alla diretta ispirazione del pubblico, rielaborati e filtrati dal vivo da Alessandro De Nardi [software autoprodotto per iOS – iPhone…] e Alessandro Fiorin Damiani [JoMoX, Moogerfooger e Restyler].

“WE ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT – Milano vista dalla Pacina” è una mostra curata da Matteo Albini (, un progetto fotografico in continuo divenire, una collezione privata di volti, gesti, dettagli, comunicazione non verbale e performanze istrioniche delle persone che incontro di notte, parla di Milano e del mio viverci dentro, del mio particoalre modo di vederla e del mio personale adattamento ad una delle città considerate più fredde, austere…, fighette e inospitali.
E’ un discorso per immagini che fornisce risposte varie ed articolate all’immancabile domanda di chi basito chiede “Ma come fai a vivere a Milano?”, un ritratto globale della città, colta in tutti quegli aspetti che, seppur minimi, fanno la differenza del vivere: le persone, la realtà e il modo in cui le si guarda.
…un progetto nato spontaneamente, usando la fotografia come uno strumento di relazione.

Aperta dal 24 settembre al 24 ottobre.

WE ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT è una nuvola di foto attaccate al muro del Cafè Nasta, in Magenta 110, Legnano (Mi)

dal 24 settembre al 24 ottobre- inaugurazione 24 settembre 2010 dalle ore 18.30 fino a tardi

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my current project

March 3, 2010 at 3:10 pm (Uncategorized)

During the past months I’ve been working on a music application for iPhone and iPod Touch oriented to live performances and improvisations. My goal was to create something actually useful for musicians and easy to use. I won’t anticipate too much about the app by now, but it’s slowly approaching the beta testing phase. The final destination will be the iTunes store.

In the future posts, besides talking about the program (it still has no name) and its proceedings, I’ll also describe problems and solutions that I’ve found as an iPhone developer of a music application. This has been a new experience for me and I realized it wasn’t easy for many other people either. Fortunately there are some blogs out there that helped me. Now I want to pay back with my contribution.

Recently I collaborated with a friend of mine, Alessandro Fiorin Damiani (later AFD), to create two tracks using this application. They were conceived to compete in an italian contest called REW[f], open to various forms of creativity, with particular regard to experimentalisms. I was sampling, triggering, looping, mixing and processing sounds with the app, while AFD was filtering my output with a MoogerFooger and a Restyler. The first track is a “psychomelodic improvisation on the XIII and II tarots of Marseille”, featuring whistles and sounds coming from ethnic instruments and drums – two more people took part in it: Filippo Gecele and Rebecca D’andrea. The second track is “a 4.04 am analog-digital improvisation”, featuring electronic loops from AFD. In the future I’ll try to link some less experimental and more representative tracks 🙂

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my previous project

March 3, 2010 at 11:10 am (Uncategorized)

That was my master thesis called Grafiti, a Gesture Recognition mAnagement Framework for Interactive Tabletop Interfaces. After having reached a beta state, the project was suspended but I hope to have the opportunity to work again on it.

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here we go

March 2, 2010 at 9:25 pm (Uncategorized)

Gnawa is a kind of music played in some healing rituals in Morocco. It leads the listener to enter a trance state to eventually find relief.

The power of the medium can be very high if it approaches the client’s characteristics. Sounds, for example, can get in resonance with our  receptors and excite our feelings. If its interface is well designed, an electronic instrument can be considered as an extension of its user’s body.

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